La Nuu, Festival de Fotografía (Barcelona)

I’m taking part in «Screen 2018» at the «La Nuu» Photography Festival in Rubí, Barcelona. My audiovisual project “Rearranging the sentence” is one of the videos that will be projected there on October 20th.

Alongside :

Dimitra Dede
Victor Baladoch
Philip Le Page
Mathieu Van Assche
Tereza Kozinc
Łukasz Rusznica
Ronin de Goede
Valerie Kavis
Jean-François Flamey
Soham Gupta
Alexander Binder

As you see on the visual, «Screen 2018» is a competition with a jury formed by the photographer Laura El-Tantaoui, the artistic director of the Fotocolectania Foundation Irene De Mendoza, the curator Natasha Christia and the photographer and publisher Emilie Halard.
There is a single winner but this is not the most important thing for me. Just happy to swarm some images and field recordings.

If you are in the area, go and see various large-format photographic installations in public space untill the end of October. Facades of buildings and squares in the city become a museum. With :

Arnau Blanch
Enrique Fraga
Klavdij Sluban
Marie Sordat
Miquel Llonch
Muhammnad Fadli
Natnada Marchal
Rafael Tanaka Monzó
Toru Marimoto
Xiaoxiao Xu
Ester Vonplon

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